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Generic Patient Information Brochures

New: procedure Specific Patient Information Sheets for patients attending individual practices.

What is Nuclear Medicine?

Patients: Have you never heard of Nuclear Medicine? Have you been asked by your doctor to book for a nuclear medicine scan? Would you like to read an overview of what nuclear medicine is?

Referring Doctors: Would you like to offer your patients an information brochure, written in layman's terms, to help reassure them prior to sending them for a scan?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions please click here(nukemed.doc) to view a brochure in MS Word.

"Nuclear Medicine: Answering Your Questions" which has been produced by the Australian and New Zealand Society of Nuclear Medicine and sponsored by our friends at Australian Radioisotopes (ARI). ARI provide many nuclear medicine departments with their radioactive tracers. They are a part of the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO). A hard copy of this brochure should be available from each of our practices. Also if you would like specific information on Bone or heart scanning ask for leaflets from your local SNIG practice.

A more recent version of this brochure is available here: Patient Inform(Current Nuclear_Medicine AYQ_Brochure_May08.pdf)

More Patient Information from the Mayo Clinic

The Mayo Clinic have produced a comprehensive overview of the use of Diagnostic Radiopharmaceuticals. It can be accessed via the following link: or as a .pdf document by clicking here: Mayo Clinic Information(Mayo Clinic Patient Information.pdf).


Want to find some information about the procedures undertaken by SNI. Follow this link to find out about scan preparation, times taken for different scans, and other related information.

Useful N.M. Links

No single web site can provide all of the answers that you seek. So, why not follow the links provided. They are certain to help you to locate more detailed information about the Nuclear Medicine and related diagnostic and therapeutic medical radiations modalities. Although limited at this time, additions will appear regularly. Also the links will be tested to ensure that they are still active so as to avoid any inconvenience.